Ghost Finder


A new 6x60 min drama by Louise Wilding

A sceptic paranormal investigator and her psychic partner face down malicious forces and dangerous criminals as they attempt to understand life after death.

Ghost Finder is a supernatural thriller, based on the short stories by William Hope Hodgson, following the paranormal investigations of Tasmin Carnacki, as she exposes hauntings and hoaxes.

When originally published, these stories followed the after-dinner anecdotes of a well-to-do man; rather like a paranormal Poirot.

This adaptation brings events into the modern era, using contemporary tools of the paranormal trade and setting it in homes and locations recognisable to today's audiences.

The Series

20 Years Ago.

A young girl walks down dark stairs, towards a heavy, dull thudding. Slowly pushing open a door, she finds her father standing over the lifeless body of her mother.


Desperate to discover if her father was possessed when he killed her mother, Tasmin turns to the paranormal. She now spends her time investigating allegedly haunted locations across the country. But as often as she uncovers true paranormal events, she also reveals criminals using ghost stories to conceal their activities.

This series sees Tasmin meet and team up with psychic, Peter, while investigating a vicious attack by a ghostly hand. Uncover a dangerous criminal gang hiding in an abandoned pub. Pull the mask from a murderous ex-lover 'haunting' a hotel. Expose a desperate man searching for stashed money in a haunted house. Reveal a dangerous curse in a boarded-up room. Discover a trap set by a troubled priest. And sees Tasmine finally learn the truth about her father.

Read episode 1, The Gateway of the Monster HERE

Following an attack on a young family, Tasmin investigates. She discovers a dangerous entity and a valuable partner.