A new 6x60 min drama by Louise Wilding

A sceptic paranormal investigator and her psychic partner face malicious entities and dangerous criminals as she attempts to discover the truth about her mothers' murder.

Ghost Finder is a supernatural horror series based on the stories by William Hope Hodgson. When originally published, these stories followed the after-dinner anecdotes of a well-to-do man. Now, they follow the paranormal investigations of Tasmin Carnacki as she exposes hauntings and hoaxes. This adaptation brings events into the modern era, using contemporary paranormal tools and setting it in homes and locations recognisable to modern audiences.

The Story


A terrified girl walks down a dimly lit staircase towards a dull, heavy thudding. She places her hand on a door. It swings open. Darkness fills the space beyond. As she gets closer to the steady thudding, a sticky metallic scent makes her gag. A man looms over her, a hammer raised. Beneath him, a woman lies bleeding. He turns to the girl. She screams.


Tasmin's father still serves time in a secure hospital for the brutal murder of his wife. He often begs Tasmin to believe he was not responsible for his actions, telling her that the devil made him do it. Fuelled by this claim, Tasmin became fascinated by the paranormal. Now a well respected private investigator, her detective skills and stoic scepticism have given her a reputation as a reliable paranormal investigator. 

The Series

Tasmin meets Peter, a handyman and historian, as he is finding his psychic feet, and together they face a deadly portal in the form of an ancient ring. Deciding that their partnership benefits both of them, they begin to work together. Leading them to uncover a dangerous criminal gang hiding in an abandoned pub. Pull the mask from a murderous ex-lover 'haunting' a hotel. Expose a desperate man searching for his stashed money in a haunted house. Reveal a dangerous curse in a boarded-up room. Discover a trap set by a troubled priest. And, after honing his psychic muscles, Peter shows Tasmin the devastating truth about her mothers' death. There was never any possession, only jealousy.

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Following an attack on a young family, Tasmin discovers a dangerous entity and a valuable partner.

No More Gods

A new 60 min drama by Louise Wilding

After discovering the truth, two werecats set out to alter the future of their kind.

Forcing them to question their beliefs, create an uncomfortable alliance with the cities vampires and challenge the legitimacy of their leaders.

People have always questioned the legitimacy of religious institutions, and what right they have to tell others how to live. They raise objections about the nature of religious truth, the importance of the autonomy of the individual, and the unthinking hypocrisy of those who have, judging those who do not have. Think of the countless horrors committed in the name of Gods we have no proof of. Of war and persecution in the name of salvation. And then, imagine a religion whose followers believe it’s leaders are Gods. Gods to follow, Gods to obey, what harm could be done in their name?

Billi Choudhry knows. For years, she suffered at the hands of those who deemed themselves her betters, her moral superiors, her spiritual leaders. Until one night, she saved her friend Sally Ann Granger, finally broke free.

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When a strange tiger apears in Nottingham, he sets in motion a series of events that will change Billi's life as she knows it. 


A new 5 minute childrens animation.

A disillusioned woodlouse sets out to change the way he lives, while a hopeful young girl decides it's time to create a better back garden for her and the local animals.

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Ernie wants a new life, and Nessie asks her mum if she can make over the garden.